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Evan Sharboneau
Evan Sharboneau is the author and photographer responsible for Trick Photography and Special Effects, an extremely popular eBOOK on trick photography that thousands of people are now using to create their own unique and almost magical images... Evan is a major believer that you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photographs, and in fact, he started off in photography with a relatively [...]
Amy Renfrey
Amy Renfrey is an Australian photographer and author of the highly successful eBook titled “Digital Photography Success”. This eBook is the most authoritative online resource for BEGINNER and intermediate photographers looking to fine-tune their existing photography skills while LEARNING new and fascinating ways to use a camera. The most important aspect of this eBook is that it shows new [...]
Trick Photography And Special Effects
If you’ve read my review on Digital Photography Tricks, what I view as being one of the best photography courses online today, you’ll know how much I love online photography courses and how beneficial I think they can be. After I tried out Digital Photography Tricks (a huge success!), I decided that I wanted to learn even more about special effects photography. Special effects photography is [...]
Digital Photography Success
Have you ever wanted to improve your digital photography skills? Have you ever thought about taking a photography course that would teach you some basics of digital photography like how to take better pictures, or even how to create cool special effects using just photography? A few years ago I got interested in photography myself. I bought a nice Nikon Digital camera, learned to use it by testing [...]
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