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Online Photography Courses For How To Take Professional Pictures
What does it really take to take professional pictures? The classic line “You take great pictures, what kind of camera do you have?” offends professional photographers everywhere who understand that it’s the TECHNIQUE and the eye of the photographer that actually makes for the best pictures. Despite popular opinion however, you too can LEARN to take professional quality pictures even if [...]
Photography Lessons
Photography lessons are becoming more and more popular as people get more interested in what they can do with cameras. Cameras are also becoming more powerful and loaded with interesting and unique features, allowing the photographer to create more interesting pictures than ever before. The BEST PART is, most special effects can actually be done on the camera without using Photoshop or any other [...]
Photography Classes For Photo Special Effects
Looking for some great photography classes for photo special effects? It’s one thing to know how to operate your camera, but wouldn’t you love to be able to emulate some of the awesome special effects you’ve seen in photographs around the internet? After learning some basic photography skills myself, I wanted to LEARN some SPECIAL EFFECTS photography too. Not only do these photography [...]
How To Take Good Pictures
When I first got my digital camera, I had a keen interest in photography, and I already knew my way around Adobe Photoshop. You’d think that I would be a natural with a camera, but unfortunately the only thing I could do consistently was photograph my index finger. All it took was lots of practice and experience though, and I was on my way to being a much better photographer. At first I wasn’t [...]
Cool Picture Effects
As a new photographer, I often felt intimidated by my own camera. I wasn’t quite sure what all of the different settings meant, or how they worked, and I wasn’t sure where to go to find out. I’ve never been very technically inclined and wasn’t sure I wanted to spend time LEARNING Photoshop. After I while I discovered that creating cool picture effects actually isn’t so hard if you know [...]
Light Painting Photography
Have you ever wanted to LEARN the secret to make stunning light painting photographs? Light paint photography is one of the COOLEST digital effects that you can create using just a camera and a light source... By using a long exposure on your camera and moving the light source around during the shot, it’s like you’re literally painting with light. The BEST part is that, for the most part, this [...]
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