Cool Picture Effects

As a new photographer, I often felt intimidated by my own camera. I wasn’t quite sure what all of the different settings meant, or how they worked, and I wasn’t sure where to go to find out. I’ve never been very technically inclined and wasn’t sure I wanted to spend time LEARNING Photoshop.

After I while I discovered that creating cool picture effects actually isn’t so hard if you know the right camera techniques, and a lot of GREAT EFFECTS can actually be created in-camera.

For everyone that isn’t very technical or good with image editing, it’s really fantastic that today’s cameras can actually produce very cool picture effects without needing a computer.

Keep reading and I’ll teach you how to take control of your camera and create some great and easy picture effects that’ll whet your appetite for more advanced stuff.

For starter, try playing around with forced perspective photographs…

A forced perspective photograph happens when you photograph two objects at different depths, but align them so that it appears they are interacting.

For example, try putting your camera on the ground, pointed in the direction of a car about thirty metres away. Have a friend stand about five metres away and raise one of his/her feet, creating the illusion that they are a giant that’s going to stomp on the car.

You may have to play a little bit with the distances to create the desired effect, but now that you understand the concept you’ll find that much more is possible.

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Popular forced perspective photographs have featured people holding up the leaning tower of Pisa or resting the Pyramids at Giza in the palm of their hand. The best advice for this type of shot is to keep at it until you get it exactly right.

Rotated perspective photographs can also be fun and easy to play with.

In this type of photograph, you want to take a picture that can create some kind of illusion by being either rotated on its side or flipped upside down.

For example, if you take a picture of someone pulling horizontally on a long chain with an empty background, you could turn it sideways and have it appear like that chain is actually vertical and they are pulling themselves up a mountain.

It’s also possible to create levitation effects like this too.

The TRICK is to use an empty room or an open space so there are no other visual cues about the original orientation of the photograph.

A final excellent and simple photography trick has to do with reflections. If you find a large pool of water somewhere that reflects well, you can get some great results by focusing in on and photographing the reflection.

This can produce some visually interesting and surreal images, especially if you can incorporate the reflection and the actual scene into the same shot.

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Hopefully this short article has given you some ideas about how you can create your own masterpiece. This is really only a drop in the bucket of what’s possible with a DSLR, so go out and see what you can create!

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