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Have you ever wanted to improve your digital photography skills? Have you ever thought about taking a photography course that would teach you some basics of digital photography like how to take better pictures, or even how to create cool special effects using just photography?

A few years ago I got interested in photography myself. I bought a nice Nikon Digital camera, learned to use it by testing out the different settings and starting taking some decent photographs.

This was all without any kind of photography course or reading anything about photography.

After a while I started recognizing that other photographers were consistently producing amazing photographs. Especially when I read National Geographic magazine or other magazines, I noticed that the photos were crisp and clear, and seemed so interesting.

I had been on my own African Safari and my pictures didn’t look nearly as good!

I decided to try attending a photography class to find out how I could increase my photography skills and start taking better pictures. The one I enrolled in was just a few blocks up the street and we met every Tuesday nights for 12 weeks.

All told, I paid a total of $500 for this course.

In the end, I did learn a couple of things but because we didn’t really get anything written down, I soon forgot most of it.

To tell you the truth, we didn’t take many pictures in the class and lessons were sometimes boring because the instructor would just give us tons of information but never applied any of it!

I had almost given up on improving as a photographer when I decided to look for an online course, something that would be a bit more substantial and actually be a useful resource for me going into the future. I had no idea that online photography courses even existed before this, but someone I met at my photography class actually RECOMMENDED this course to me.

The course is called “Digital Photography Success” by Amy Renfrew. As the first online photography course I ever took, I now recommend this as a great starting photography course for anyone at the novice or intermediate level of photography.

In fact, much of the content on this website is based on things I learned during the course or figured out for myself as a result of taking it.

The reason this course worked for me is that it lays out, step-by-step, everything you need to do to start taking professional quality pictures today.

The key to Digital Photography Success is that it first teaches you about your camera, how all of the parts and settings work and how to use them.

Second, you learn how to get different kinds of effects using these settings and you begin to really understand what goes into taking a great photograph.

Before I took this course, I barely ever used the different settings on my camera. Now, I know exactly what configuration will take a perfect indoor portrait, what to use for wilderness shots, and much more. I even have guidelines that I follow for all of my pictures, to make sure that they always come out looking GREAT.

Digital Photography Success is a course I highly recommend for learning how to start getting the most out of your digital camera and getting excellent quality photographs.

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