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1-evan_sharboneauEvan Sharboneau is the author and photographer responsible for Trick Photography and Special Effects, an extremely popular eBOOK on trick photography that thousands of people are now using to create their own unique and almost magical images…

Evan is a major believer that you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photographs, and in fact, he started off in photography with a relatively cheap camera and used it for a long time before upgrading to something more expensive and a little bit higher quality.

Using a camera that cost about $100-150, Evan is able to produce high quality images consistently, employing the techniques that he talks about in his book…

The SECRET, says Evan, is that “you don’t need a super heavy duty camera to take great picturesWhat matters are the photographer and his or her ability to use the camera in an interesting and artistic way”.

Evan Sharboneau | Trick Photography and Special Effects


At just 19 years old, Evan is pioneering NEW TRICK photography techniques and taking some INCREDIBLE and creative pictures that incorporate distinct lighting, obscure subjects and other special effects.

His trademark practice of not using expensive equipment to produce his photos is a testament to the fact that anyone with some creativity and a little bit of know-how can start producing really fantastic images almost right away.

That is the basic premise of his eBook, Trick Photography and Special Effects, which takes readers on a STEP-BY-STEP introduction through trick photography, teaching new skills and methods at each phase until the reader becomes well versed and can actually use the techniques creatively to create novel images.

When I first took this course, I couldn’t believe how simple it was to just grab an inexpensive camera, a few light sources and other cheap, accessible items and start to really produce images that I was proud of.

The goal of the book is just to get people taking great photos”, said Sharboneau over email, “if you’re thinking about or wondering about trick photography then this book will basically spoon-feed you the simple methods so you can start experimenting on your own…

Check Out Evan Cool Photo – Special Effect 🙂

Although he says the methods are simple, don’t take that to mean that they are quickly explained. The Trick Photography and Special Effects book is almost 300 pages of instruction along with sample images and includes nine additional hours of instructional video.

This makes it essentially the single biggest authority on trick photography anywhere, and indeed the highest selling eBook on the internet in this category.

If you’ve seen any sort of interesting SPECIAL EFFECT somewhere, it can be easily replicated using the material in this book…


Each technique is explained in detail, including camera set-up, ideal lighting conditions and materials needed. Once you have everything in place, you can create whatever image comes to mind.

For anyone interested in special effects photography and lighting technique, this eBook is an absolute must-have. At just 19 years of age, Evan Sharboneau is the real deal when it comes to trick photography.


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