How To Take Good Pictures

When I first got my digital camera, I had a keen interest in photography, and I already knew my way around Adobe Photoshop. You’d think that I would be a natural with a camera, but unfortunately the only thing I could do consistently was photograph my index finger.

All it took was lots of practice and experience though, and I was on my way to being a much better photographer. At first I wasn’t sure where to start so I want to share some of the advice and knowledge I picked up on the way.

My Advice:

Read all the way to the bottom and I’ll reveal some of the key points for becoming a better photographer and learning how to take good pictures.

  •  Get a tripod – this obviously only applies in places where you would have the tripod but it takes perfectly level pictures. In images, lines are very important and the eye can detect when things don’t line up. If a naturally horizontal line (like the horizon) isn’t horizontal in your picture, it can sometimes look wonky, a tripod is a GREAT WAY to take nice centered images.
  •  Learn the settings on your camera – read up on your specific camera, LEARN what the different buttons and settings do, and actually play around with them to find out how they affect the resulting image. Doing this will not only TEACH you what the effects are, it will teach you what they look like. Once you know what your camera is capable of, you will start thinking of different ways to take nicer pictures.

photography collage

  • Be patient – some cameras take several seconds to focus and if you are constantly pointing and shooting may not give the photo quality you’re hoping for. Give your camera a chance to focus on the right thing and your results will improve.
  • Get a quality SD card – When I was starting off in photography, I bought a little $10 SD card for my DSLR and it was a big mistake! Make sure you read the package carefully and get one that says “Class 10” on it. This means it has a write speed exceeding 10 megabytes per second, so you can take high quality images on it in rapid succession knowing that they will save properly.
  • Get focused – Always focus on something. When you are on vacation and everything looks novel, it’s tempting to just snap shots of everything, but taking your time to focus on what you are trying to photograph can go a LONG WAY. Think of a way to introduce contrast into your photograph, something that makes the desired object stand out.
  • Learn some Photoshop (just a little) – I know it can be scary at first, but think of it as an image enhancement program. You can make your pictures look a little bit nicer with just some basic skills and actually edit them when you become more advanced.

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