Photography Lessons

banner1Photography lessons are becoming more and more popular as people get more interested in what they can do with cameras.

Cameras are also becoming more powerful and loaded with interesting and unique features, allowing the photographer to create more interesting pictures than ever before.

The BEST PART is, most special effects can actually be done on the camera without using Photoshop or any other specialized software.

Great photography lessons are inexpensive, informative and accessible, and for that reason many people have gravitated towards online photography lessons instead of actually going to scheduled classes at a local business or community center.

Here’s why:

  •  Cost – Why pay someone else for their time for weeks on end? A typical photography course lasts several weeks, sometimes as long as three months and may cost $20-40 per class or more. In contrast, an online lesson is purchased just once, often for a relatively low fee.

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  • Convenience – instead of having to make it to class on time every week, an online photography course or e-book is yours to keep and you can use it whenever you want. You won’t have to drive through traffic or call to re-schedule if something comes up – just get on your computer when you have time and learn as you go.
  • Accessibility – this is the biggest problem with live photography lessons in my opinion. Taking pictures is a hands-on activity and if you don’t actually get involved in the process, it’s hard to learn much… Unfortunately, most photography courses with five or more people involved don’t actually have time for you to take pictures and practice techniques during the class. An online course means that you can study the techniques and practice them at your leisure, and you always have access to all of the information that you need to try a new technique.
  • Clarity – my personal experience is that online courses are detailed and contain all of the information you NEED to get a certain method to work. I have been to live photography courses where time was wasted by other people asking questions when they couldn’t figure things out, or where the instructor simply wasn’t very clear on the instructions and everyone struggled. An additional factor is that without instructions written on paper, you have to keep asking the instructor for HELP and that delays the class. With an online course, you can read and LEARN yourself and the course content is designed to help you succeed. It contains all the information you need.

These are the reasons that I prefer online photography lessons and will stick with them all the way.

Since I got interested in photography, I have tried a few different online courses. None of them was perfect but I reviewed them here so you can see which ones I recommend.

These courses took me from being a totally amateur photographer to basically being able to do tons of different special effect photography.

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